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Lansing Composite Decks Custom Built For You

Lansing Composite DecksComposite decks are extremely durable and long lasting. If you are looking for a Lansing remodeling contractor to build a composite deck for your home, call R.L. Rider Company. We specialize in custom wood-alternative deck construction.

A deck can really enhance the exterior aesthetics of any home. It's important, however, that they are designed well to go with the home's architectural style. At R.L. Rider Company, we employ an experienced designer to help you work through all the possibilities to choose the design that will make your home look even more amazing.

You are going to love the low-maintenance, eco-friendly, high-performance deck for years to come. Contact us to ask questions or schedule your consultation today. We look forward to helping you with this project.

Raised Decks With Screened In Porches

Your new composite deck can be constructed for double-duty use. We can build a deck for the second floor so you have a space to dine, grill, or lounge. We can build a screened in porch underneath, or an open patio if you prefer, so you have a wonderful protected place to enjoy the weather. Since the raised deck would serve as a ceiling, it's a great idea.

Why Choose Composite Decks

Composite materials are very well made today. They not only resemble real wood, they feel like it under bare feet. If you are thinking about wood alternatives for a new deck, plastic decking isn't very good in certain climates, so think about composite material instead.

Premium composite decking has color all the way throughout the material, not just a coating. This means it stands up well with minimal fading over time. It is also scratch resistant and the scratches almost always blend in. Composite decks don't stain and aren't subjected to mold and rotting problems.

Why Choose R.L. Rider Company To Construct Your New Deck?

Quality construction and products are what every homeowner needs. You have this with R.L. Rider Company. In fact, we guarantee our workmanship 100%. As Lansing remodeling experts, we've been helping homeowners design and remodel since 1924. We make custom dream homes out of the ordinary.

Please call and tell us how we can earn your business. We know all about permitting and inspections in the area, and what needs to be done with your property to properly support and construct the deck. You'll have a strong, sturdy, beautiful deck that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

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