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Lansing Design and Build Services

Lansing Design and Build ServicesR. L. Rider Company has been helping homeowners like you build their dreams home since 1924. We have dedicated our services to making sure that our clients only get the best services and superior craftsmanship. All of this could not be possible without an elegant design, though. The sophisticated Design Services our team offers are second to none. We know how much you care about the quality of your house and protecting the investment that you have made and we honor that with a true commitment to the task at hand. When you are ready to begin working on your Lansing home design, please call us and we will be glad to walk you through our process step-by-step.

All In One Design & Remodeling Service

Unlike so many remodeling firms, we don’t subcontract out design services. We have the benefit of having a team of expert designers that can closely work with our builders. Having fewer outside people means less room for mistakes. The basic idea behind a home design plan is to help the homeowner put down their ideas and aspirations on paper so a building contractor can use it as a blueprint. It is our job to help you translate every detail into a way to make it a reality. Whether you are looking for just a room remodel or would like to build on an addition, we will work diligently to bring you the perfect design.

Why Hire Us For Your Design Services In Lansing

We have been working in the industry for over a century and are glad to share our knowledge of design. This doesn’t just include a blueprint for builders. It is all of the design elements put together – floor plan, color arrangements, all aesthetic elements. Once our builders are through we go through and help you pick out elements on interior design that will truly bring your dream to life. Don’t hesitate to offer any feedback throughout this process. Our construction site is your home so the final say will always be yours. Please call us today to get started!

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Residential Renovation & Design Services

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