There are so many ways to improve the exterior of your Lansing home. From updating the siding and replacing the roof to building outdoor living areas, exterior remodeling often involves a complete renovation for the outside of a house. If you’ve been looking at some different exterior remodeling ideas, here are a few top choices that will make a big difference for you and your family.Build A Swimming Pool

Oh, the luxury of having a swimming pool on your very own property. If you feel you are missing out, build a swimming pool. It doesn’t have to be gigantic to be really enjoyable. With an exterior remodeling contractor who can do anything, like we can, you’ll have just what you need to swim and cool off. Don’t forget to install some pool lighting and additional lighting around the pool so you can safely enjoy it at night too.

A Completely New Landscape

Sure, a standard landscape is fine but we’re dreaming here, right? What would a new landscape look like to you? Would it be full of luscious herbs that you can use for cooking? Would there be edible fruits and berries? Or would there be tightly trimmed hedges and natural stone rockwork? Putting in a new landscape means the options are wide open. You’ll be able to add new landscape lighting, build garden beds, revamp the entryway of your house, and so much more. This is one exterior improvement investment that is really smart.

Outdoor Kitchens & Living Areas

Just think about all the luxury living examples you see in Hollywood films when thinking about a new outdoor living area. Everyone has their own style, but some of those amazing outdoor living sets are really amazing. Just imagine yourself lounging near the pool with your sweetheart for a nice evening of romance. Would an outdoor canopy bed that’s stuffed with pillows complete the thought? How about an outdoor shower and a spa hot tub? Or maybe you’d rather build an outdoor kitchen for those backyard barbecues your friends love coming to. The plan will be to incorporate livable space that is comfortable, convenient, and gorgeous. This is one exterior improvement idea everyone would like.