4 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Increase Your Home’s Value

Homeowners who are looking to increase the value of their home can sometimes find themselves in a dilemma. Which is home improvement project going to get you the most bang for your buck, while also improving the functionality of your home overall? Major home improvement and remodeling projects aren’t cheap, so making sure that you get the most value for every dollar you spend is absolutely vital. When you are looking for a remodeling project that is going to deliver in terms of return on investment, kitchen remodeling is ranked right there at the top of the list. Depending on the housing market and the types of improvements made, a professional kitchen remodel can boost a home’s value quite a bit, but you want to make sure you are investing your money in the right improvements. To help you in this aspect, we have taken the time to put together a short list of kitchen remodeling ideas that have been proven time and again to net you the most return on investment in terms of your home’s value.

High-End Appliances

With the right appliances, you can make your entire kitchen space feel much more finished and luxurious. Not only do new appliances increase the functionality of your kitchen by a great deal, but they don’t require any construction either. Most kitchen remodeling contractors recommend going for upgrades like new ranges, refrigerators, cooktops, and other utilitarian devices with stainless steel finishes. When upgrading the appliances in your kitchen, most experts are going to recommend that you replace them all at once to help keep the design and look cohesive as opposed to replacing them slowly, over time. That being said, if you have to choose one appliance to upgrade, the one you should never skimp on is the dishwasher. Many homeowners often overlook this one in favor of flashier alternatives, but it is still one of the most important appliances in the kitchen.

Neutral Colors

Introducing a neutral color palette for major kitchen surfaces, like your countertops and flooring might just be the biggest return on investment you see in your kitchen remodel. While neutral colors might sound a little boring, they are a truly universal color choice and tend to go well with just about anything. This can also give you a neutral backdrop to highlight the beauty of your countertops, appliances, and dishware as well. They can also be swapped out much more easily than many other colors.

Chef’s Kitchen

It is a fact of life that people want to imitate what they see on TV, and that applies to cooking show kitchens as well as anything else. With the increased number of foodies and amateur chefs these days, gas stoves, double ovens, and a number of other high-end cooking appliances are highly sought after upgrades among homebuyers and renters. You should stay away from superfluous extras, however, like pizza ovens or built-in hibachi grills as these aren’t going to do you any favors.

Expand The Space

Most potential homebuyers are looking for larger kitchen spaces when they are shopping around for a new house. Knocking down a wall to expand the space is obviously a good option is possible, but if not, there are a number of other ways to give the illusion of spaciousness, including adding a window.

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