A huge portion of R. L. Rider Remodeling’s success can be attributed to our team of subcontractors and suppliers. Their specialized skills and knowledge provide a strong backbone that we can count on for any project. This gives us the confidence to tackle any job while supplying accurate pricing and timely completion.

As a company that is constantly adapting and growing, R. L. Rider Remodeling is always interested in developing new relationships with great carpenters and subcontractors. Please read through the information below, decide if we’d be a good fit to work together, and fill out our contact form if you wish to join our team in the future.

We do ask that there are no walk-ins or soliciting at our office or job sites – please respect everyone’s time and arrange an appointment first. Thank you.

What Does R. L. Rider Remodeling Have to Offer?

  • PROMPT PAYMENT: you will typically get paid the day after we receive your invoice.
  • JOB ORGANIZATION: you will never waste a trip to a job site only to find your crew can’t perform their work. We keep you updated with timelines for every trade that affects you.
  • STEADY WORK FLOW: we work year-round and can provide estimates as to how much volume we do for each trade, so you can schedule more efficiently and predictably.
  • GOOD WORK CONDITIONS: R. L. Rider Remodeling works primarily on high-end, residential projects around Greater Lansing. You won’t have to travel far or work under harsh conditions with us.
  • LOYALTY: once we have established a good working relationship, R. L. Rider Remodeling is extremely loyal to those who always come through for us. We will never shop your price because your service and knowledge are far more valuable to us than finding the lowest bidder possible.
  • MINIMAL ESTIMATING: unless the job is very complex or unique, we will never have you come estimate a project. Instead we collect common line item pricing at the beginning of each year from you and estimate the work based on those prices.
  • LOW-KEY MANAGEMENT: if you’ve ever met a “screamer” on a job site, know we are the exact opposite of that. We treat every one of our subs with respect and always keep it professional.

What Does R. L. Rider Remodeling Ask in Return?

  • WORKMANSHIP: there’s no way around it – we demand the best craftsmen and finished product because that is what our clients expect.
  • KNOWLEDGE OF CRAFT: we want to meet every challenge our clients present us, so at times we need to rely on your trade expertise to assist in pricing and planning.
  • CONSISTENT SCHEDULE: everyone gets busy and wants their work done ASAP. We don’t expect that, but we do expect that once you give us a date you will stick to it. There are so many other trades involved that one slip of the schedule can send a project spiraling away from success.
  • SAFETY: every job must be performed in a safe and workmanlike manner. No shortcuts on this.
  • PRICING: in order for you NOT to estimate, we need your unit pricing refreshed each year.
  • ESTIMATING: we prefer to estimate a job within 3 business days of surveying the scope of work. If we need a special quote from you, we expect you to accommodate this timeframe.
  • PAPERWORK: keep up to date on insurance, tax information, licensing, testing, etc.

Thank you very much for your time and interest in working with R. L. Rider Remodeling.