Maintaining a Clean and Organized Home During Bathroom Remodeling

Containing the mess of a remodeling project may seem impossible, but it can be done with the joint effort of you and your remodeling contractor. In particular, renovating bathrooms often make movement within Dewitt homes difficult because they’re often positioned in hallways or in bedrooms. Don’t give in to the chaos and clutter of bathroom remodeling. Instead, prepare your home accordingly, and remain diligent about daily cleaning while renovations are underway.

Remove Furniture and Personal Items

The first action to take before your remodeling contractor arrives is to remove your furnishings and belongings from the bathroom. Homeowners should remove items such as baskets, shelves, towels, and personal items so that they aren’t cluttering the area and so that they remain undamaged during the remodeling project.

Isolate the Room

After your personal items are removed, your remodeling contractor can create a barrier between the bathroom and the rest of the home so that dust and debris is contained within that space. Remodeling specialists typically place plastic tarps or sheets over doors to limit the spread of debris throughout homes.

Prevent Damage on Your Bathtub

You may be worried about your bathtub if you don’t plan to replace it during remodeling. To protect your tub from scuffs, stains, and scratches, consider applying a rubber coating or tub protection product to preserve the bathtub’s finish. After your contractor completes the project, you can peel off the coating.

Dust and Vacuum Daily

Maintaining a clean area during bathroom remodeling is essential because visual clutter often leads to mental clutter. Remodeling specialists recommend cleaning the renovation area daily so that dirt and dust don’t have the opportunity to accumulate. Your contractor will manage the mess within the bathroom, but cleaning the area surrounding the bathroom is also important. Strive to vacuum and dust this space at the end of every day, and the time spent cleaning will actually be quite short.

The steps to maintain a clean home during bathroom remodeling may seem small, but when you combine them all together, they’re extremely effective. If you’re ready to renovate a bathroom in your Dewitt home, reach out to our skilled team at R. L. Rider Remodeling, a reputable remodeling contractor.