What is an Addition?

An addition to your home can be defined as any expansion of space that connects to and matches the existing structure. If you build a pole barn or free-standing garage and it’s not attached to the existing house then it would not qualify as an addition, even if it matches the exterior appearance. However, if you built that same garage and it was connected to the existing home, that would qualify as an addition since it’s attached to the current structure.

A remodel is often confused with an addition since they cover similar scopes of work, but they’re two separate types of projects. A remodel would deal with updating/overhauling an existing space that stays the same size, whereas an addition would deal with adding to the space to make it roomier. Either way, the project could deal with a kitchen or any other type of room.

Additions use the same principles as ground-up construction. However, there is increased difficulty because you must carefully demo and remove the portion of the house that is set to receive the additional work. Further difficulty comes with matching the existing house’s exterior and interior appearance – especially if the home is older and materials are weathered or not manufactured anymore. Add-ons can be a costly process for these reasons and they need to be carefully designed and properly executed for the project to come together correctly. Choosing to add on more space needs to be considered against alternative options before moving forward to ensure you’re making the best choice for your home and space needs.

Reasons for an Addition

Every home is unique, and it can be really tough to find a perfect match for everything you want when shopping for a house. Or, maybe your home was perfect 5 years ago but as your needs changed so did your opinion of your house.

Reasons for an addition might include:

  • Having or adopting more children.
  • Having extended family move in.
  • Wanting an additional private suite away from it all.
  • Needing an office for working at home.
  • New hobbies that require more space.
  • Adding a sunroom to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Doubling up bathroom space to make mornings less hectic.
  • And so much more!

An addition can be anything you want, as long as it’s directly accessible from the current home. Keep in mind that it’s highly recommended to stay in a home for 5+ years if you decide to tackle a big project so you get plenty of value out of it.

Best Alternatives to Adding On

There’s no way to sugar coat it – adding on requires a lot of material, labor, and effort to successfully accomplish. And with each of these items comes cost. If the desired design turns out to be too cost-prohibitive but issues remain with your current space, it’s probably time to seek alternative options.

Option 1 would be to sell your current home and find one that better suits your needs. This allows you to pick out a new space from the selection of available homes or build new and really tailor your house to your needs. Everyone is familiar with the hassles that moving brings – losing/breaking items, weeks of time and effort to pack and unpack, etc. That doesn’t even include the selling, searching, and buying process for your new home which brings its own set of challenges.

Option 2 is to find more space, or said another way, to re-design the layout and then remodel the house to better utilize the existing space available. This is a good option for a homeowner who is not looking for a ton of extra space. Not every house has this option available depending on its layout. Remodeling and changing room layouts, in particular, can get expensive in a hurry. This is why you might decide that it’s more feasible to do a full addition rather than try to get every square inch out of a small area.

Option 3 is probably the least appealing but also the cheapest by far. Making do with what you have can often be achieved with some creative arranging. Bunk beds work for additional sleeping areas; garages can be converted to an extra suite or living area relatively easily; an efficient schedule can make one bathroom pull double duty in the mornings. You don’t have to spend a cent to improve your living quarters, but it can be worth it, particularly if you plan on staying in the updated home for 5+ years.

Addition Process Walk-through

Let’s imagine that a growing family is getting cramped for space and they desperately need another bedroom, bathroom, and a quiet office space to meet their needs. Moving is not an option, there’s not enough space to “find” by remodeling to add 3 rooms, and unfortunately just making do has been driving everyone crazy for the past year. It looks like hiring a home addition contractor is the best option.

The process begins by you reaching out to R. L. Rider Remodeling and scheduling an estimate. We’ll perform a site survey and examine all the systems which need to be accounted for such as HVAC and electrical service. You’ll receive a budgetary estimate right then and there, and if it sounds good we’ll start a design/build agreement. Once you feel all your needs are covered with the design, we’ll begin pulling permits and scheduling our leads and subcontractors to perform the work.

Site protection is first to ensure no damage is done to the structure that is to be built off of. Then, careful demolition is next, removing only what is necessary and saving material to help get a perfect match. The new structure is built in the same way new construction would occur, with added work for tying in the floors, roof, walls, etc. Then the essential, house-wide systems are extended. A new bathroom would require plumbing, waste lines, electricity, and a vent system, for example. Once construction is near completion we can begin putting the home back together and tying in the roof and siding for a seamless, natural-looking match. The job site is cleaned, final details are wrapped up, and you are delivered a warranty packet to officially end the project. All that’s left is to enjoy your new space!

How R. L. Rider Remodeling Can Help

Adding on to your home is a complex process that has many opportunities to go south. An addition may be built haphazardly and not match the appearance of the existing home whatsoever. Or, an inexperienced contractor might make a mistake identifying system tie-in and cause heating issues through the entire house. Using our expertise from intensive training and countless projects, R. L. Rider Remodeling is confident in providing you the best possible experience that avoids any of the above problems. The best subcontractors and carpenters are at your disposal. We stand by all our work with a 3-year warranty to offer you peace of mind.

R. L. Rider Remodeling will deliver a 100% stress-free project on time and on budget.

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